Highlights of 2014: Kate & Toby

Another great one from August last year! Kate and Toby had their wedding at Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwickshire. They live in Australia but because they’re both originally from the UK and they have family and friends here, they decided to tie the knot here too. I had a great time shooting this Bonkers Box, everyone was so lovely! Plus they had polaroids as well, which the guests wrote messages on for Kate and Toby to take home as a memento. It was awesome :-)

Check it out:

Kate & Toby-020 copy Kate & Toby-022 copy Kate & Toby-040 copy Kate & Toby-037 copy Kate & Toby-035 copy Kate & Toby-032 copy Kate & Toby-045 copy Kate & Toby-046 copy Kate & Toby-049 copy Kate & Toby-065 copy

Highlights of 2014: Billy & Piers

Billy and Piers got married in September last year at Piers’ fabulous family home in Worcestershire. All I can say about this one was… wow… Things got crazy! I mean, this bunch were really up for a party.

This was also the first time I tried out my print-on-the-spot service, which worked a treat. The print outs went into a guest book next to the photo booth for guests to leave messages next to their photos. I also liked that Billy bought some mini props for the booth and they were really cool! A few of them may have wandered into my bonkers box prop collection…ahem…

Check it out:

Billy & Piers-003 copy Billy & Piers-015 copy Billy & Piers-016 copy Billy & Piers-022 copy Billy & Piers-033 copy Billy & Piers-035 copy Billy & Piers-041 copy Billy & Piers-061 copy Billy & Piers-068 copy Billy & Piers-070 copy Billy & Piers-085 copy Billy & Piers-090 copy

Highlights of 2014: Charlotte & Phil

Hello! I’ve decided to share with you some photos from Bonkers Boxes I did last year. 2014 was a pretty cool year for the Bonkers Box and there were lots of highlights.

Charlotte and Phil got married at Brockencote Hall in Worcestershire last year. They were such a fun couple to shoot, and their family and friends really got into the spirit of the Bonkers Box. Check it out:

Charlotte & Phil-004 copy Charlotte & Phil-015 copy Charlotte & Phil-040 copy Charlotte & Phil-057 copy Charlotte & Phil-071 copy Charlotte & Phil-081 copy Charlotte & Phil-083 copy Charlotte & Phil-087 copy

Happy New Year! Resolutions…

Happy New Year everybody!

I’m super excited about 2015 and what it’ll bring for the Bonkers Box :-)

Generally speaking I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions. Well, I’m not one for sticking to them anyway. I usually have a sort of vague hope that the new year will be the one where I exercise everyday, stick to that 10 step skincare regime and only eat healthy food. And it lasts about 5 minutes. I read that most people give up their New Year’s healthy eating plans after three months. Three months! That sounds like a long time to me! I’m lucky to make it a week.

Anyway, this year I’ve decided resolutions are about being specific. And realistic. So here are mine:

1. Take my make-up off every night before going to bed and moisturise.

I’m really quite bad a doing this. Then I complain about bad skin! No excuses this year. I am a grown woman! No more mascara smudged pillows, thank you very much. I’d also like to be better at skin care generally (I’m lazy) and have a proper morning and evening routine, but let’s start with baby steps.

2. Blog more!

I was embarrassingly inconsistent at blogging/updating my website in 2014. Although to be fair to myself, I did revamp my entire website, and I’m pretty proud of that. My main problem is that I go through phases of being all good and organised then periods of lethargy and laziness. Time to get my act together! Or at least schedule blog posts so it looks like I’m regularly blogging (lots of people do this).

3. No alcohol in January

I’m gonna give this dry January thing a go. Not because I’m an alcoholic, you understand. This is just a small attempt to kick-start being a bit healthier in the New Year, as when I drink I tend to eat. A lot.

4. Keep Reading

On January 1st 2013 I decided to start recording all the books I read. I started a spreadsheet on my laptop and I’m still adding to it now. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve read (if you’re an avid, yet forgetful reader like me), and it also keeps me motivated to read more, and more varied things. I may have a colour-coded system for different genres of book. That’s not weird is it? Anyway, I read 74 books in 2013 and 76 books in 2014, and I intend to keep up the good work.


That’s it folks! I’m not setting the bar high this year, it seems silly. This will have to do. I’m really interested in other people’s resolutions too, are you doing anything different this year? Or the same thing but deciding to stick to them? Let me know :-)

Kathryn & Calvin (aka Kat & Giz)

Another fantastic bonkers box to share with you today! This one was at Compton Verney in Warwickshire, which turned out to be a great location for me as there was the perfect space between the main room and the bar for the Bonkers Box. Also I must say thank you to the staff there, who were really great and helped me loads with setting up. And oh my, what a crowd! Kat & Giz and co. were amazing, I have never taken so many photos in one shoot before! It was epic.

Kat and Giz provided loads of additional props for the booth as well, which you’ll see below. There was army gear, a Butlins jacket, a Can-Can dancer skirt, and loads of silly hats and wigs on top of all of mine. The results were pretty awesome! Check it out:

kat & giz-026 kat & giz-029 kat & giz-030 kat & giz-032 kat & giz-043 kat & giz-055 kat & giz-060 kat & giz-064 kat & giz-070 kat & giz-073 kat & giz-087 kat & giz-089 kat & giz-103

Becky and Ian

I had a blast taking the Bonkers Box to Becky and Ian’s wedding back at the end of June. It was a great crowd – full of enthusiasm and silliness. And Becky and Ian themselves were such a fun couple to shoot! They really got into the spirit of things. In fact, I liked the images so much, I’ve used some of them for advertising.

My only regret was that by the time I arrived, their dog (a special guest at their wedding!) had gone to bed so I couldn’t get any shots of a dog in a feather boa. That would have been awesome! Check it out:

bec and ian-062

bec and ian-066


bec and ian-056

bec and ian-075


bec and ian-076


bec and ian-048

bec and ian-025

bec and ian-011

bec and ian-051

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