Highlights of 2014: Billy & Piers

Billy and Piers got married in September last year at Piers’ fabulous family home in Worcestershire. All I can say about this one was… wow… Things got crazy! I mean, this bunch were really up for a party.

This was also the first time I tried out my print-on-the-spot service, which worked a treat. The print outs went into a guest book next to the photo booth for guests to leave messages next to their photos. I also liked that Billy bought some mini props for the booth and they were really cool! A few of them may have wandered into my bonkers box prop collection…ahem…

Check it out:

Billy & Piers-003 copy Billy & Piers-015 copy Billy & Piers-016 copy Billy & Piers-022 copy Billy & Piers-033 copy Billy & Piers-035 copy Billy & Piers-041 copy Billy & Piers-061 copy Billy & Piers-068 copy Billy & Piers-070 copy Billy & Piers-085 copy Billy & Piers-090 copy