Highlights of 2014: Kate & Toby

Another great one from August last year! Kate and Toby had their wedding at Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwickshire. They live in Australia but because they’re both originally from the UK and they have family and friends here, they decided to tie the knot here too. I had a great time shooting this Bonkers Box, everyone was so lovely! Plus they had polaroids as well, which the guests wrote messages on for Kate and Toby to take home as a memento. It was awesome :-)

Check it out:

Kate & Toby-020 copy Kate & Toby-022 copy Kate & Toby-040 copy Kate & Toby-037 copy Kate & Toby-035 copy Kate & Toby-032 copy Kate & Toby-045 copy Kate & Toby-046 copy Kate & Toby-049 copy Kate & Toby-065 copy