Happy New Year! Resolutions…

Happy New Year everybody!

I’m super excited about 2015 and what it’ll bring for the Bonkers Box :-)

Generally speaking I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions. Well, I’m not one for sticking to them anyway. I usually have a sort of vague hope that the new year will be the one where I exercise everyday, stick to that 10 step skincare regime and only eat healthy food. And it lasts about 5 minutes. I read that most people give up their New Year’s healthy eating plans after three months. Three months! That sounds like a long time to me! I’m lucky to make it a week.

Anyway, this year I’ve decided resolutions are about being specific. And realistic. So here are mine:

1. Take my make-up off every night before going to bed and moisturise.

I’m really quite bad a doing this. Then I complain about bad skin! No excuses this year. I am a grown woman! No more mascara smudged pillows, thank you very much. I’d also like to be better at skin care generally (I’m lazy) and have a proper morning and evening routine, but let’s start with baby steps.

2. Blog more!

I was embarrassingly inconsistent at blogging/updating my website in 2014. Although to be fair to myself, I did revamp my entire website, and I’m pretty proud of that. My main problem is that I go through phases of being all good and organised then periods of lethargy and laziness. Time to get my act together! Or at least schedule blog posts so it looks like I’m regularly blogging (lots of people do this).

3. No alcohol in January

I’m gonna give this dry January thing a go. Not because I’m an alcoholic, you understand. This is just a small attempt to kick-start being a bit healthier in the New Year, as when I drink I tend to eat. A lot.

4. Keep Reading

On January 1st 2013 I decided to start recording all the books I read. I started a spreadsheet on my laptop and I’m still adding to it now. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve read (if you’re an avid, yet forgetful reader like me), and it also keeps me motivated to read more, and more varied things. I may have a colour-coded system for different genres of book. That’s not weird is it? Anyway, I read 74 books in 2013 and 76 books in 2014, and I intend to keep up the good work.


That’s it folks! I’m not setting the bar high this year, it seems silly. This will have to do. I’m really interested in other people’s resolutions too, are you doing anything different this year? Or the same thing but deciding to stick to them? Let me know :-)