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Highlights of 2014: Kate & Toby

Another great one from August last year! Kate and Toby had their wedding at Stoneleigh Abbey in Warwickshire. They live in Australia but because they’re both originally from the UK and they have family and friends here, they decided to tie the knot here too. I had a great time shooting this Bonkers Box, everyone was so lovely! Plus they had polaroids as well, which the guests wrote messages on for Kate and Toby to take home as a memento. It was awesome :-)

Check it out:

Kate & Toby-020 copy Kate & Toby-022 copy Kate & Toby-040 copy Kate & Toby-037 copy Kate & Toby-035 copy Kate & Toby-032 copy Kate & Toby-045 copy Kate & Toby-046 copy Kate & Toby-049 copy Kate & Toby-065 copy

Highlights of 2014: Billy & Piers

Billy and Piers got married in September last year at Piers’ fabulous family home in Worcestershire. All I can say about this one was… wow… Things got crazy! I mean, this bunch were really up for a party.

This was also the first time I tried out my print-on-the-spot service, which worked a treat. The print outs went into a guest book next to the photo booth for guests to leave messages next to their photos. I also liked that Billy bought some mini props for the booth and they were really cool! A few of them may have wandered into my bonkers box prop collection…ahem…

Check it out:

Billy & Piers-003 copy Billy & Piers-015 copy Billy & Piers-016 copy Billy & Piers-022 copy Billy & Piers-033 copy Billy & Piers-035 copy Billy & Piers-041 copy Billy & Piers-061 copy Billy & Piers-068 copy Billy & Piers-070 copy Billy & Piers-085 copy Billy & Piers-090 copy

Highlights of 2014: Charlotte & Phil

Hello! I’ve decided to share with you some photos from Bonkers Boxes I did last year. 2014 was a pretty cool year for the Bonkers Box and there were lots of highlights.

Charlotte and Phil got married at Brockencote Hall in Worcestershire last year. They were such a fun couple to shoot, and their family and friends really got into the spirit of the Bonkers Box. Check it out:

Charlotte & Phil-004 copy Charlotte & Phil-015 copy Charlotte & Phil-040 copy Charlotte & Phil-057 copy Charlotte & Phil-071 copy Charlotte & Phil-081 copy Charlotte & Phil-083 copy Charlotte & Phil-087 copy

Kathryn & Calvin (aka Kat & Giz)

Another fantastic bonkers box to share with you today! This one was at Compton Verney in Warwickshire, which turned out to be a great location for me as there was the perfect space between the main room and the bar for the Bonkers Box. Also I must say thank you to the staff there, who were really great and helped me loads with setting up. And oh my, what a crowd! Kat & Giz and co. were amazing, I have never taken so many photos in one shoot before! It was epic.

Kat and Giz provided loads of additional props for the booth as well, which you’ll see below. There was army gear, a Butlins jacket, a Can-Can dancer skirt, and loads of silly hats and wigs on top of all of mine. The results were pretty awesome! Check it out:

kat & giz-026 kat & giz-029 kat & giz-030 kat & giz-032 kat & giz-043 kat & giz-055 kat & giz-060 kat & giz-064 kat & giz-070 kat & giz-073 kat & giz-087 kat & giz-089 kat & giz-103

Becky and Ian

I had a blast taking the Bonkers Box to Becky and Ian’s wedding back at the end of June. It was a great crowd – full of enthusiasm and silliness. And Becky and Ian themselves were such a fun couple to shoot! They really got into the spirit of things. In fact, I liked the images so much, I’ve used some of them for advertising.

My only regret was that by the time I arrived, their dog (a special guest at their wedding!) had gone to bed so I couldn’t get any shots of a dog in a feather boa. That would have been awesome! Check it out:

bec and ian-062

bec and ian-066


bec and ian-056

bec and ian-075


bec and ian-076


bec and ian-048

bec and ian-025

bec and ian-011

bec and ian-051

4 Top Tips for Posing in a Fancy Dress Photo Booth

Another list! I looovvveee lists.

Anyway, here’s a handy guide to really making the most of a photo booth. Because just standing there and smiling is totally not acceptable these days.


1. Choose your props wisely

Now, I don’t want to start off by being a party pooper, but sometimes less really is more. Keeping it simple in the props department is the key to photo booth success! You don’t have to pile on every prop you can find in order to make a photo hilarious or creative. You just need one or two props to rock the booth. Get creative with props too, try thinking of different uses for them. For example, the purple tutu doubles up as a headdress quite nicely!


2. Don’t be afraid to go it alone

You don’t need all your friends and family with you in the booth at one time. My advice? No more than 5 people in a picture at one time. Better yet – go it alone! I love random shots of just one person. There’s more room to do the next tip on this list as well…

3. Throw some shapes

Yeah man! I’m talking silly faces and arms in the air like a loon. No more shots of people standing awkwardly side by side and smiling timidly. If you have a plastic gun, point it at someone! If you have a police baton, mime whacking it over someone’s head! If you wear an Elvis mask, I’ll be expecting some funky moves. Make the most of the space and get crazy!


4. Have fun! Be silly

This is the only rule that matters. Let go! Get ridiculous! There is no place in the booth for self-consciousness. Just relax and have a good time.

NB. This may also be a suitable life motto.

bec and ian-062

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